Attention homeowners paying more than $100/month on your electricity bill

Did you know that you can:

  • Break Free from the Utility Company
  • Save 30-50% per month on your electric bill
  • Add $50k-$300k in savings for your family

With our Lift Energy Construction Program, You Can!! Turn your home into an Lift Energy Construction Smart Home in 30-60 days.

What is an Lift Energy Construction Smart Home?

  • Have peace of mind knowing what your monthly expenses will be – with solar you have a fixed monthly expense that is the same every month.
  • Avoid the thermostat fight and the $600+ bills in the summer! Crank the A/C all summer and keep the house as cool as you want, guilt free!
  • We help you make your home energy efficient before you invest in solar with our 21-point Lift Energy Construction Home Audit – download now and save thousands in wasted energy!
  • We will look at your home and with our 21-point Lift Energy Construction Home Audit, we will find areas where you are wasting energy and wasting money.

I believe your home is using more energy than it should be, in some cases up to 30% more. That means that every single month you are paying 30-50% more than you should pay. If your home is more than 15 years old, I believe it is using an even greater amount of energy than it should. I would rather have you keep the money than the electric company.

*Plus, a more energy efficient home doesn’t need as large of a solar system saving you even MORE money.

If you have a leaky bucket, aren’t you going to plug the holes up before adding more water in it?

Do you want to know if you can turn your home into an Lift Energy Construction Smart Home? And if you can, do you want to know how much you can save and how much it would cost to realize these savings? Do you want to know if going solar is worth it?

On average, our clients save 30-50% per month on their utility bills, have predicable bills, and they typically add $50k – $300k in total savings over the life of the system. Lift Energy Construction Smart Homeowners can turn this into retirement packages, boats, RV’s, trips, even college funds.

Do you want to know if you can turn your home into an Lift Energy Construction Smart Home? And if you can, do you want to know how much you can save?

We start with a Free, No obligation 15-minute phone call.

What is keeping you from using less energy, keeping the temperature in your house more comfortable, paying lower bills and going solar?

Maybe you have heard something negative about solar, we have. Here are common problems with typical systems that we hear about every day:

  • Solar is too expensive
  • Savings won’t be as promised – maybe you heard from friends that they got huge bills at the end of the year
  • Solar will cause a roof leak
  • When the contractor gets paid, you don’t hear from them again

Unfortunately, this happens when things are not done properly. For example, there are contractors that want to do lots of deals and are focused on the next deal, and sometimes the work can be shoddy, or the system could be over-sized, or under-sized. If the system is over-sized, you pay too much money for something you won’t use. If the system is under-sized, people get a surprise bill after a year. Nobody likes surprises like that.

The bottom line is that this happens because the solar company did not do it’s homework or they did not properly explain how solar really works.

That infuriates me. Because your home should be a place of comfort and joy. Solar is a great investment and these mistakes, because that’s what they are, are making a bad name in our industry.

That’s why we are so focused on you, and educating you about solar. We want you to feel confident about the quality of your system and all the money you will save.

Afterall, if you knew that solar was worth it, and if you knew that you would 30-50% each and every month, it would be a no brainer right?

That’s why we start with our 21-point Lift Energy Construction Home Audit. We want you to feel confident that the savings will be worth it, and that you get the best value possible, and that you can trust us.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what we do. We don’t use cheap materials, we also take pride in our workmanship and quality. Exceptional quality is found in the details, like how we run your electrical through your attic when possible so that you don’t see ugly conduit on the roof, or how we move vents when possible so that we can install a continuous solar array without any gaps that looks clean and professional. We don’t cut corners and build systems to last using use high quality materials at an incredible value.

The 21-point audit will take 20-30 minutes. Our champion technician will perform 21 individual checks on the most common energy wasters. We will show you if your home is wasting energy, and if it is, where it is wasting it and how to fix it. Some of these can be done at little or no cost. In my opinion, this should be done before any solar system is purchased or installed so you can save money now.

So book your 21-point Lift Energy Construction Home Audit now. Call us at (661)412-9991 and ask Jasmine to schedule your no-obligation audit. Or, if you prefer, you can email me at

The only way you can lose with solar is to wait and miss monthly savings, tax incentives and rebates.

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