How much can you save
by switching to solar?

Most home owners save up to 20% on their monthly utility bill the first year after they get solar. But going solar is even better than that. Getting your power from solar gives you peace of mind and added savings every year! The more power you use, the more you save.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your utility company has increased the cost of electricity every year. In-fact, for the last 20 years the average increase for California based utility companies has been a whopping 6% per year! When you buy power from a utility company you have zero control over what you pay for your power. At Lift Energy Construction we call this being in utility debt. When you get your power from solar you can eliminate your utility debt.

There is such a thing as good debt and bad debt. Would you borrow from someone who told you that you will never pay off the loan, and that your monthly payment may or may not increase every year by an amount that they decide? Well those are the terms you fell into with your utility company! Being in utility debt sucks! That is bad debt.

But getting out of utility debt is as easy as a choice. Will you choose to continue throwing away more and more of your hard earned money to the utility company or will you choose to put that same money towards solar and eventual have free power? There are many ways of buying solar. Each option is designed for maximize your savings based on your needs. Our energy specialists will help you find the option that is the best fit for you.

Many choose to finance the cost of a solar system. What they find is that their finance payment is usually lower than what they’re paying the utility company. It also doesn’t fluctuate throughout the year, nor does it increase from year to year. It stays the same until you pay it off.

So when you get solar, your utility bill goes away, you trade it for a lower solar payment and then when you finish paying off the loan then you have free power. Solar panels have a warrantee of 25 years and most assume a 30 year life on a solar system. That is a lot of savings!

So what are the benefits of going solar?

  • Pay yourself, not the utility company
  • Build equity in your home
  • Get out of utility debt
  • Pay it off… you can’t do that with your utility bill
  • Get that tax credit! (30% of your system cost for purchased systems)
  • Stop the rollercoaster utility bill. Stabilize it!
  • Make it easier to sell your home
  • Put money in your pocket instead giving it to the utility company