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David Hosking

David Hosking


Hi, I’m David Hosking

I am one of the owners of Lift Energy Construction. I love teaching people about solar because I feel like I don’t have to sell anything, the benefits and saving of solar speak for themselves.

I started my career in the solar industry six years ago, working as a sales representative for a national solar company. Unfortunately, I felt like their motto was to get as many deals in as possible and we’ll figure out the customer service later; customer service is a bonus.

And I just got tired of that. I saw home owners who should have been taken care of better. I believe that you can create a lot of business by just taking care of people. I wanted to be able to sell a product that I knew I could stand behind and so, I created a business, with nothing but the shirt on my back.

I talked to my friend Jacob, who was working as an engineer for another company, and we created a solar company founded on the principle that if we took care of our customers, they would take care of us. I no longer wanted to have to worry about if my customers were going to be taken care of or not. Jacob ended up deciding to join me, and we knocked on a lot of doors and talked with a lot of people and found out what people really wanted to see in a solar company and we found a better way to do it.

We exceed people’s expectations on jobs that we do. And we strive to make our customers pleasantly surprised in what we do, and we show them that we care as much as if it were our own house. For example, we spend a lot of extra time hiding wires on the roof and painting any exposed pipe to match your house.

We also use high quality components – our competitors don’t do this, but we do, because we care. We don’t get as much profit per job, but our systems are better and they last longer and our customers get the savings they need.

And we believed that if we built a company like this, that the business would be there to support it. We live off the motto that when you take care of your customers they take care of you. And that’s what we ask; that when we do the exceptional job that we promise to do, that you’ll tell your friends and family about us.

And that has been our experience. As we do great work for people, they share it with their friends and as a result we have thrived as a business. We have helped over a hundred home owners and business’ break free from the utility company and start putting electricity savings directly into their pockets.

And we felt like that was good, but it wasn’t enough and so we developed our 21-point audit for creating an energy efficient home where you can learn one of the biggest questions that people have; “is solar worth it?”

We’ve found that some people are interested in solar but still aren’t quite ready to make a decision so we’ve also created a free guide called 5 Things You Should Do Before Spending Money on Solar. You should get this and spend a little time considering if any of these efficiency upgrades make sense for you and your home.

Jacob Hill

Jacob Hill


Hi, I’m Jacob Hill

I’ve been working in the energy industry since 2011. I got my start in the Oil and Gas industry working for a local operator as a production and facilities engineer. That was a fulfilling career but I dreamed of owning and operating my own business and when my good friend David approached me about starting a solar engineering, procurement and construction company I jumped at the opportunity.

I feel like I can relate with how many of our customers initially felt about solar. When I first considered solar for my own home I got turned off of the idea by a few contractors that called me incessantly and weren’t able to give my any straight answers when I asked for details. I was interested in solar, but I had no interest in wasting time with people that didn’t know their stuff or with sales reps that seemed willing to tell me anything I wanted to hear to get a sale.

That was about the time I met David Hosking. He didn’t try to sell me anything, he just clearly explained how solar works and what the benefits were. When he was done with his presentation, I think I said something like, “well that’s a no brainer!” David and I got to be good friends and we eventually decided that we could do a better job than other solar companies.

Our goal is to blow our customers away with the level of customer service and quality they receive. Our customers are pleasantly surprised at how good it really is to do business with us and how much they were able to save from solar. We don’t sell, we educate and our customers decide.

We founded Lift Energy Construction on the idea that if we took care of our customers than they would take care of us. And that has been the case since we’ve started. We’ve helped over a hundred home owners up to 20% on their monthly utility bills and they are on their way to putting in their pockets own pockets rather than throwing it away to the utility company. We tell our sales reps that they’ll know they have done their job right when they hear the customer say, “well, that’s a no brainer!” And solar really is a no brainer in California. I sincerely believe that the only home owners that don’t have solar in California are those who don’t fully understand the benefits of installing it on their home.

Please give us the chance to make you a believer. Click here for a free consultation over the phone or in person. I promise that our sales team and support staff will be professional and respectful of your time.